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Louver Doors

Louvered Doors are one of our flagship products thanks to our advanced machining capabilities. Explore our selection of options available for interior doors or combined with other products to enhance exterior openings.


  • Open 3 1/2” Antebellum

    Our most popular style of louver blade. Designed to compliment larger doors and openings.

  • Open 2 1/4” Antebellum

    Also a very popular style of louver blade. Typically used in smaller doors and openings.

  • Open 1 3/4” Flat Blade

    Our flat blades offer a more traditional look and are still very popular. Shown here with a 1 3/4" blade however we are happy to manufacture any blade size that fits your project.


  • Closed 3 1/2" Chevron

    Our closed, non-vented louver blades allow for the same elegant look of a traditional louver door with the added benefit of full privacy.

  • Closed 2 1/2" Chevron

    Same elegance and benefit of the larger blade, just a smaller profile.

  • Closed 1 3/4" Flat

    Designed to match the open flat blade look for a closed, non-vented application.


  • Operable 3 1/2" Antebellum

    This is our traditional operable louver system with the operating rod in the center. We can use this system with virtually any style of louver blade.

  • Operable 2 1/4" Flush

    Our "Flush Operable" louver doors have two serpentine operating rods, one at either end of the blades. The purpose of this system is to allow by-passing or pocketing doors to slide regardless of the position of the operable blades.

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