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Can I buy directly from Elochoman Millwork?

We sell our products through a network of dealers.  Please contact us and we will have a dealer contact you or let us know if you would like to become a dealer.

What is the process for placing an order?

The first step in placing an order from Elochoman Millwork is to submit a request for quote. This can be done by e-mail, fax or over the phone.  The RFQ should include wood species, types of doors (glass, screen, panel etc…), size and thickness, quantities and any special instructions.

The next step is to issue a purchase order based on the quote.

Once we have received a purchase order we will create shop drawings for your approval.  We will only start production after we have final approved shop drawings.

After we have received approved shops we will schedule your project for production.

Upon completion, we will palatalize and ship to your requested destination.

What is your warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship for most of our products.

What is your minimum order size?

Our minimum order is 1.  With flexible manufacturing process, we are able to produce single door orders alongside larger orders very efficiently.

Do you stain and finish your products?

We do not do any staining or finishing.  Most of our products are finished on the job site to ensure a consistent look throughout the project.

Do you do installations?

For complex millwork packages, we can have someone on site to help the installers with logistics, but we do not do installation.

Do you use solid wood to build your doors?

Our standard method of construction uses 1/16” veneer over finger jointed fir core for our flush doors and our stile and rail doors.  This superior door construction gives us an extremely stable product that resists warping or twisting.

What species of wood do you use?

We most often use Khaya, Teak or Sapele however we are happy to use any species you would like provided that it is available.

Can I order doors with thicker veneer?

Yes.  Our standard 1/16” veneer has been proven over many years and hundreds of thousands of doors however if you have a requirement for thicker veneer we have the ability to manufacture any thickness you would like.

Do you use dowels or mortise and tenons in the construction of your doors?

We will only use a mortis and tenon joint on our doors.  This superior joinery system is one of the reasons we are able to warranty our doors for life.

Do you use an exterior glue?

Yes, we use an exterior glue on all of our doors.  Even our interior doors are manufactured with the same high quality products and materials that make them weather resistant.

Do you have a standard line of doors or windows to choose from?

No, all of our doors and windows are built to match our customer’s specific wants and needs.

Can you match an existing door or window style?

Yes we can. We have the equipment and expertise to match almost any door or window.

Do you machine for hardware?

Yes we do.  Our CNC routers allow us to accurately pre-machine doors and windows for most hardware.

Do you offer any fire rated doors?

Yes, we offer a 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute fire rating on our panel doors and flush doors.

Do you build exterior doors?

Yes, with proper finish and protection, all of our doors can be used for exterior applications.

What type of millwork can you do?

Over the years we have done a variety of custom millwork including entry ways, ceiling panels, round and square column covers, beam wraps, trellises, pergolas, base and crown moldings, carvings and engravings, basket weave panels and much more.   We have state of the art equipment and years of manufacturing experience.  There is little that we cannot do.

Do you provide any design work?

Our expertise is in manufacturing.  We are happy to share our thoughts or give suggestions but we do not do any design work.

Do you have a standard line of mouldings and millwork to choose from?

All of our moulding and millwork are custom made for each order.  We can match a wide variety of styles and designs.  Send us a sketch, drawing or photo and we will provide you with an estimate for you project.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

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