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Sustainable Custom Doors

With tropical and temperate forests of the 19th century disappearing, sustainability is at the forefront of all environmentally conscious businesses of today. Old growth tropicals and softwoods prized for their uniformity and stability are, for practical purposes, unavailable or unaffordable today.

Before “sustainability” was a used as a marketing gimmick Elochoman has been using sustainable practices from our earliest days in business. Our cores are made from the highest quality Douglas Fir. It is sustainably harvested, cut into clears, and finger jointed to maximize stability. Further, we rip it into narrow staves and recombine it randomly into the core lamination (with edge bands) to ensure the maximum uniformity and stability in your doors.

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Custom Windows

Custom windows create a cohesive aesthetic across the entirety of your project and are the perfect addition to your custom door project.

Custom Millwork

Our custom millwork leaves no challenge unmet. From your ceilings to your entryways we can bring your vision to life without limitations.

An Entire Project From One Tree

By using 1/16” thick veneer we are able to acquire the highest grade product and are often able to complete an entire project from a single log. This creates a high level of uniformity and continuity throughout the project. The thickness of our veneer also allows for a virtually invisible seam making it almost completely indistinguishable from solid hardwood. Since a typical veneer log 12’ long can produce around 15,000 square feet of high quality uniform veneer we can complete many projects including custom windows and millwork out of a single log.

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Most people have questions when starting out this process, so we’ve taken the liberty to answer a few of the questions we get most often. If anything you need is unaddressed or you’d simply prefer to just chat with someone on our team you can always give us a call as well.